Our Story
At a fourth of July picnic near Valley Springs, South Dakota, in 1875, a small group of Baptists considered the possibility of holding worship services. A meeting was called at the school house in Luverne and was met with such enthusiasm that a Baptist church was soon organized. Preparations commenced to make the organization a legal body, and on June 25, 1877, the First Baptist Church of Luverne, Minnesota, became officially recognized.

On a lot donated by P.J. Kniss at the corner of Main and Estey, a church building was constructed and completed in the Spring of 1878.

Through the years, many changes have taken place with extensive remodeling to the building. On February 27, 1968, the building on Main Street was badly damaged by fire. After surveying the extent of the damage, it was decided to do only temporary repairs and to start planning for a new building.

After much prayer, consultation and planning, a new church was constructed at the present site.

Our Affiliations
First Baptist Church is affiliated with the Conservative Baptist Association of America. The CBA has grown to a fellowship of more than 1,100 churches. The international headquarters of CBA is in Wheaton, Illinois.

Through World Venture, member churches take an active role in sending and supporting missionaries all over the world.