First Baptist Church of Luverne

1033 N Jackson
Luverne, MN 56156
(507) 283-4091
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Hello Neighbor,

Welcome to our web site, a work under construction, just like our congregation.

First Baptist Church is very much a multi-generation congregation. On any given Sunday we are kids and parents, grandmas and great grandpas, and singles and marrieds worshiping together. That means we are not actively seeking to be trendy, singing the newest cool song each week. Instead we work at being lovingly patient with each other and taking plenty of time to modify "the latest" with the "time tested."

Psalm 78 highlights the necessity of one generation telling the next generation about the wonderful works of God, "so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children" (78:6). We have been telling our children the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ since 1875. Through God's grace we are determined to continue this very good work.

Our experience over these decades, in both good times and bad, has led us also to welcome new people to our fellowship. God's Son is to share. So we have a variety of programs for those new to Luverne or new to the Bible. We also feel compelled by God's love to send word of His salvation to other countries. Elsewhere in this web site you can find a list of local ministries and another of our missionaries further away.

We invite you to visit us. You may have to slow down a bit. You may have to dig deeper. You will most certainly need to be patient with us, for we have a lot of rough edges that God is working on. Yet we invite you to "come as you are," anticipating that God Himself will not let you "stay as you are."

In His Name
Dick Lauger, Pastor